New show centred on family falls short

Image via FOX
Image via FOX

‘The Grinder’ TV pilot review

By Lauren Paulsen, Senior Columnist


The Grinder is about Dean Sanderson (Rob Lowe), who has just finished his career as a lawyer on a television show called The Grinder. He feels lost now that the show is over, and envies the life that his brother, Stewart (Fred Savage), has as an actual lawyer with a family.

After sitting through one of Stewart’s cases, Dean decides that he wants to be an actual lawyer, but seems to think that all of his time acting as a lawyer gives him the qualification to jump right in.

This show wasn’t as bad as John Stamos’ Grandfathered—another new family-centred show—but I still found it really lacking. It seemed to me that pretty much the only person on this show with common sense was Stewart.  Everyone else was so into “The Grinder,” a.k.a. Dean, taking on a real case that they seemed to forget that he wasn’t a real lawyer.

I also found the acting to be over-exaggerated and not really believable. It tried to be heartwarming at times but fell short because it didn’t really give me any reason to invest my feelings into the characters. It didn’t make me care enough about them.

Dean is arrogant and too full of himself to realize that acting as a lawyer doesn’t mean it qualifies him to be a lawyer (that’s why there’s law school). Stewart has more common sense, but he whines all the time. Their father always sides with Dean, no matter what stupid idea he comes up with. Really, the negative aspects of their characters overshadow anything good.