New show’s possibilities are limitless

Still of Jake McDorman in Limitless (2015)
Still of Jake McDorman in Limitless (2015)

‘Limitless’ TV pilot review

By Lauren Paulsen, Senior Columnist


Fall is probably my favourite season when it comes to television. Most of my favourite television series come out with new seasons during this time, and it’s also a treasure trove of new series. Sometimes the new shows don’t turn out to be all that great, but other times they are gold.

Limitless is a new show based on the movie that came out in 2011, starring Bradley Cooper. It took about half of the pilot episode for me to realize it wasn’t a remake of the movie, but instead occurs afterwards in the timeline.

The movie’s protagonist, Eddie, isn’t the star in this series, though he does make an appearance in the pilot. Instead we have Brian Finch (Jake McDorman), who’s pretty much a good-for-nothing going nowhere in life. His father becomes ill, but none of the doctors can figure out why. Brian is afraid he is going to lose his father, until one day he comes across an old buddy who has become really successful. He offers Brian a drug to help give him a “boost.” Thinking he has nothing to lose, Brian takes the pill. Unfortunately, his buddy turns up dead, and Brian becomes the prime suspect. Now he has to save his father and clear his name.

I really enjoyed this show. I didn’t remember a lot about the movie, but that didn’t matter because the pilot episode gave a good explanation of what the drug, NZT, was and what it could do. The action was great, and I loved how they portrayed Brian working out problems, such as the exact moment to run across a busy street without being hit by a car. Brian is a very likeable character. He’s a really great guy, who doesn’t even take the NZT for selfish reasons.

This show is definitely a must-watch. I’m really looking forward to seeing more of Brian’s character development and what happens next.