November (and October) rain

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BC coast unusually soaked

By Mercedes Deutscher, News Editor

The weather in BC has been damp, and will only continue to remain so.

Although British Columbia, and particularly Metro Vancouver, is known for its large amount of rain, the West Coast has been experiencing intense amounts of rain for nearly two months now.

According to CTV and the Vancouver Airport, there have only been five days since October 1 where it has not rained, and there has been over 400 mm of precipitation for October (203.1 mm) and November (expected to finish around 200 mm) combined. This is more precipitation than usually occurs around this time of year, as October usually receives 120.7 mm and November usually receiving 185.8 mm.

While December does usually bring drier weather, BC may only continue to see fronts of rain. If the precipitation levels remain unseasonably high, alongside decreasing winter temperature, the Lower Mainland may see an increased chance of snow in comparison to previous years.

According to the Weather Network, there will be sunnier days ahead in the next two weeks, but trends may bring snow in early December.

Global meteorologist Kristi Gordon reports that a ā€œblobā€ of warm air is presently sitting dormant off of the west coast, and that it will block Arctic air from circulating through the Lower Mainland. However, once said blob is gone, chances of snow will increase, so that white Christmas may just be in the cards.