October marks Small Business Month

Small Business BC to provide free educational seminars to entrepreneurs

By Patrick Vaillancourt, News Editor

The provincial government has proclaimed October to be Small Business Month, a proclamation that they’ve renewed for the last seven years.

To mark the event, Small Business BC is providing some of its seminars and workshops free of charge to people interested in attending. Seminars are largely held in Vancouver, the province’s economic hub, but many will be conducted online so that business owners across the province may benefit.

George Hunter, the CEO of Small Business BC, said in a statement that business education is critical to developing strong entrepreneurs.

“Small Business Month is an opportunity for entrepreneurs to learn about the many great resources that exist to help them succeed,” said Hunter in a statement to the media. “We feel that having the knowledge and skills to back a business idea will only lead to stronger and more successful entrepreneurs in the province.”

Small business in the private sector accounts for roughly 30 per cent of Canada’s GDP according to Industry Canada. Small business also made up about 37 per cent of all private sector jobs created in the 10 years between 1997 and 2007.

Small Business Month kicked off with an announcement from the provincial government that six Lower Mainland communities came together on an initiative that allows for mobile business licencing. The Metro-West Inter-municipal Business Licence agreement allows for mobile businesses to operate in the participating communities with a single business licence.

Naomi Yamamoto, the province’s minister of state for small business, said that streamlining processes is just one of the key themes in the government’s jobs plan.

“The BC government is committed to working with local governments to find ways to support businesses and streamline processes in every community,” said Yamamoto. “Mobile business licences cut red tape for contractors and others who may work in more than one community, and we will continue to work to get other municipalities to adopt the program and reap the rewards.”

The cities of Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, Delta, Richmond, and Surrey are participating in the endeavour.

New Westminster Mayor Wayne Wright said that he’s pleased to partner up with the surrounding communities to cut red tape out of mobile business licensing.

“Reducing obstacles for businesses and making it easier for them to thrive is a key objective for our city,” said Mayor Wright in a statement.

For more information on seminars and workshops hosted by Small Business BC, including information on starting and financing a business, visit their website at www.smallbusinessbc.ca