By Caroline Ho, Assistant Editor


“You’ll have your internet next week,” the tech guys estimate.


My head is reeling, thoughts awhirl, fixated on the date.

A week without the web? I don’t know how I’ll stand the wait.

No, maybe this won’t be so bad. I’ll make it good. I’ll make it great.


There’s plenty I can do at home without a web connection.

Without this web distraction, I can focus with perfection.

I will turn this into one whole week of wholesome self-reflection:

Rediscover real activities. It’s a week of resurrection!


Now that I can’t waste those hours online, I’ll use my time to cook.

I will tidy up for real for once, clean all those dusty nooks.

No YouTube and no Netflix? Back to good, old-fashioned books!

All this internet-less clarity brings such a fresh outlook!


Time to tackle my to-do lists long-forgotten or ignored.

Time to hit the gym, the library, plus all the grocery stores.

I’m determined to enjoy this as I go about my chores.

This web-free week will not defeat me. I’m refusing to be bored!


I will choose to make these seven days my opportunity.

I can shed dependent habits. I can break out this new me.

The internet’s a trap, I think. Without it, look—I’m FREE.

Goodbye, web-addicted self. Let this be my grand eulogy!


I’m wholly ready for this week—

—wait, is that Wi-Fi?

My internet is back?! But just five minutes have gone by!

I guess tech guy was wrong. Now what?? Perhaps I should still try—

Oh look, notification light! Attention span, GOODBYE.