Outside ‘Kim’s Convenience’: Part two

Image via CBC

The rest of the cast’s other works

By Jerrison Oracion, Senior Columnist


Originally, I was going to talk about every actor from Kim’s Convenience in last week’s story about the cast’s other shows and projects. However, since there was a lot to cover regarding the lead actors, I did not have room to talk about the supporting cast. The rest of the characters in Kim’s Convenience are very important because they are involved in the main plots in the show, plus they are just as humorous as the Kim family. Also, the actors do other jobs outside of TV shows. Here is some background on the rest of the cast of the number-one comedy in Canada right now.


Andrew Phung (Kimchee)

When Phung plays Jung’s co-worker and roommate, he actually plays a character similar to himself. Like Kimchee, Phung has a collection of sneakers that he shows off on his Twitter page.

Another show he is in is The Beaverton as food reporter Eddie Zheng. It seems Phung is a foodie himself—or at least, he likes the spicy chicken sandwich from Wendy’s, according to his Twitter. He even starred in a film that involves pizza called Little Italy with Hayden Christensen and Emma Roberts.

When he is not acting, Phung does improv at the Loose Moose Theatre in his hometown of Calgary and he is also a fan of The Weeknd. If CBC brought back the regular version of Canada’s Smartest Person, I think he would make a good host.


Nicole Power (Shannon Ross)

As Jung’s boss and possible love interest, this is Power’s most well-known role to date. Born in Middle Cove, Newfoundland, Power plays the type of boss who you can get along with and she smiles a lot on the show. Power is a big fan of Beyoncé and there is a scene in the first season where Shannon impersonates her.


Sugith Varughese (Mr. Mehta)

Mr. Kim’s best friend is as cool and fun as he is. Varughese can be seen on other shows including The Girlfriend Experience. Also, he plays at the Soulpepper Theatre­—the same theatre that showed the original play that inspired Kim’s Convenience. In addition, Varughese also writes and directs other projects. Like Jean Yoon, he also voices his opinions about politics on his Twitter page.


John Ng (Mr. Chin)

The head of the business association in Mr. Kim’s neighbourhood holds interesting conversations with Mr. Kim. Ng is usually seen acting in plays. Recently, he was in the Gateway Theatre’s production of Nine Dragons as Tommy Lam. He makes many humorous posts on Twitter, and in some of them he uses gifs to make them funnier.

Ng also has a few hilarious scenes on Kim’s Convenience. Two particularly funny moments are the scene when he sings The B-52’s “Love Shack” in the first season, and the scene in which he teaches Mr. Kim how to dance in season two.


Kim’s Convenience airs Tuesday at 8 pm on CBC part of CBC Comedy Tuesday.