Philosophy Club hosts meme contest

Image from DSU Philosophy Facebook page
Image from DSU Philosophy Facebook page

Submissions not limited to philosoraptor

By Dylan Hackett, News Editor

This year’s newly-charted DSU Philosophy Club is launching their multi-campus group with a meme contest. Deadline to submit an original meme is Thursday, March 7, and given the intellectually stimulating future that Armin Mirsanaye hopes the club will have, prizes include Chapters gift cards.

“I’ve been fascinated by comical and creative memes that have come out of the Internet culture, like the philosoraptor or wise Confucius,” Mirsanaye said. “So we decided to make a contest that would be as easy as making a meme and helps you use your brain at the same time. Everyone likes winning prizes, so we’re giving away gift cards—$25 at Chapters for the best one and $15 of your choice [of Starbucks or Tim Hortons] for the second and third place.”

The club encourages potential meme-makers to come post their original meme to their Facebook page or bring them to the club’s twice-a-week meetings. The current meeting schedule accommodates both Douglas campuses, with New Westminster meetings taking place on Mondays at 4:30 p.m. in the DSU building, room 206, and David Lam meetings on Thursday at 4:30 p.m. in room C1002.

“Most of the time, the topics [we discuss] introduce some political controversy or social concern. Anyone with any point of view is welcome and encouraged to join or lead topics,” said Mirsanaye. “It is a very friendly and chill environment. We also play some games we have designed that really make discussions interesting.”

Mirsanaye founded the club after seeking out a discussion-based, thought-provoking club to join and finding that there was a deficit of secular, apolitical organizations—though a few Douglas clubs host discussions on Christianity. After council from philosophy instructor Michael Picard, Mirsanaye thought it would work best to start his own group.

The club is aimed at attracting students who “love talking about, thinking of, and being around philosophy,” according to Mirsanaye. “Perhaps you want to meet peers who can challenge you. Maybe you want to develop some ideas for an assignment or need help with philosophy, and the most important thing for many is to make friends and build a network.”

While no guest speakers of the club’s own are on the near horizon, the club is actively promoting the Live! Comedy Tour, which is making its rounds through Canadian post-secondary institutions. The event will take place on the last Wednesday of the month, March 25, in the student lounge.

“I would really like people to join me in organizing the club. It belongs to all Douglas College students,” explained Armin. “The Philosophy Club is for anyone who has a passion for intelligent conversation and making friends.”