Program Spotlight: Student achievements

Print Futures 2013 grads
Print Futures 2013 grads

Print Futures: Professional Writing

By Monica Rolinski, Contributor

Wow! Here it is, April! Which means this article is about the Print Futures: Professional Writing students that have left their mark on Douglas College. The complete list of students, and their contributions, is pretty long. I mean, after 21 years of providing all forms of writing and design work for our campus, there is enough to fill a book. In the interest of this little piece of writing, I’ll mention a few people specifically, listing some examples of their work and some back story on what these pieces meant to them or what motivated them. Check out the online version of The Other Press for links to these students’ accomplishments.

Let’s begin with Sarah Khan. A superstar in her own right, I first met Khan about three years ago in an English course. She was studious, focused, and not afraid to ask questions. It’s nice when people stay the same. Nearly three years later, Khan’s diligence has brought forth some amazing results. Khan and fellow Douglas student Iloradanon Efimoff, created the Douglas College Feminists for Gender Equality club on Facebook.

That same semester, when Khan was in the second-year Editing course of the Print Futures program, one of the assignments was to create a magazine. Quickly seeing that she could tie the feminist club in with a feminist magazine, she launched the first issue of Wo-man magazine. Her designing and editing skills were shaped into a professional craft by these combined projects. Then, on March 8 of this year, the college held its annual International Day of Women celebration. You may have seen the Douglas College Feminists for Gender Equality table in the concourse, or taken part in one of the three workshops offered by them. In keeping with the international theme, I’ll end the section about this accomplished student with her next move. On May 7, Sarah Khan leaves for Zambia to complete a three-month internship with the Zambia Global Leadership Program.

Another student that has contributed to life on the Douglas College campus is Eliot James. Even before the end of the program, James was helping promote student life by contributing to the community blog. In February of 2012, James wrote “Discovering the World on International Day” as a way to promote the students’ involvement in the yearly International Day festival and celebration. Then in March, “Douglas College shapes up with the Biggest Loser and Health and Wellness Challenges” became the focus as 200 students, staff, and faculty worked together to improve their health.

James graduated from the Print Futures program in 2012 and wrote a couple more stories over the summer. In September, this Print Futures grad was hired to promote the athletics department at Douglas College and became a regular contributor to the Royals’ website.

Print Futures students have also made a mark all over the Douglas campus’. Caitlin Van Den Brink created the rebranding design for the Douglas College Business Association, and Jerrie Lynn Morrison coordinates the marketing for the Douglas association. And right here at The Other Press, our own editor in chief Sharon Miki, former Life & Style editor Laurel Borrowman, and former editor in chief/current layout manager Cody Klyne are all Print Futures grads. So check out this year’s crop. It might inspire you to check out the program for yourself!