Real-talk wisdom from the PornHub comments section

Image by Thinkstock
Image by Thinkstock

By William Sexspeare, Sex Expert

In today’s modern technocratic culture, more and more people are living their lives devoid of the written word. Why write a letter when you can SnapChat? Why court a lady when you can swipe her on Tinder? The lack of wordsmithery today is a real travesty! Thankfully, there is one place where you can still count on people to contribute to the linguistic milieu on a regular basis and of their own volition—the comments sections of Here are some of the most intriguing examples of real comments that people took time out of their day to articulately craft on the website:

  • “Like it a lot, what can I say more J” —lovelyangel1987
  • “omg lyke so hawt” —CumShotMaster52
  • “mmmmmmm” —HooterFan
  • “She’s hot” —crazyjo
  • “I had always under estimated this film because of the title….now its one of my favorites” —Drrake
  • “AMERICA” —AsianFapGod
  • “Makes me want to get into porn” —nybigdick
  • “nice” —hotyoungripped
  • “I’ve seen turtles f faster than this.” —skiz
  • “how would I be able to meet up with her?”—micheystuarts12344
  • “HOLY TEETH” —ScaryUncle
  • “Who is that girl on the left? She should be in porn!” —rampart91
  • “What’s your opinion of Taylor Swift?” —Lawlosaurus