Relic’s reason to celebrate

Company of Heroes cover
Company of Heroes cover

Local video game design studio has a belated party to celebrate its newest release

By Brittney MacDonald, Life & Style Editor

Local video game design studio Relic Entertainment finally had its wrap party for Ardennes Assault, an expansion to their award-winning game, Company of Heroes 2, a real-time strategy game for the PC. The expansion, which takes place during the Battle of the Bulge, came out in November of last year to mixed consumer reviews, mainly due to the high price tag. But the quality of the game play was never in debate.

Febuary 20 saw a break from all that, allowing employees from all sides of the studio, HR to artists, to let loose and converge on Venue nightclub on Granville Street.

No expense was spared as employees were treated to a free raffle and complimentary drink tickets.

Though free drink tickets were limited for most staff, lead designers were given bracelets to grant them access to free booze the entire night—and they certainly weren’t stingy when it came to sharing!

Venuewas decorated for the occasion, featuring large banners depicting World War II era battle scenes (Company of Heroes 2 takes place during WWII), and balloons and lights in yellow and black, which are the signature Relic colours. Venue also catered the event, breaking out its signature pulled pork sliders, a definite fan favourite of the crowd; and “sushi bites,” which were actually closer to onigiri (traditional Japanese rice balls) than they were to sushi. Nevertheless, they were very good and featured a number of delicious combinations such as avocado and lime, and smoked salmon and cream cheese for the true Vancouverites.

For those a little wary of the dance floor, one of the lounges was converted into a game room, complete with Street Fighter 3 tournament.

Altogether it was a wonderful send-off to a project that all the Relic staff can be proud of.