Should you play Fantasy Football?

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Let’s look at the pros and cons

By Davie Wong, Sports Editor

Football season is almost upon us, and for most, that means it’s time to watch our favourite teams disappoint us yet again. But for others, it means it’s time to buckle down for another season of fantasy. Now, you may only have a faint idea about what fantasy football is, so let me break it down for you.

Fantasy football is a game where participants take turns choosing players they believe to be the best in the league in an attempt to build their fantasy team. Players then pit their fantasy team against others in an attempt to see which team scores more cumulative points.

While simple in theory, the game can actually be quite complicated. Strategies revolving around the building and management of one’s fantasy team sparks constant debate among self-proclaimed “fantasy experts.” But don’t let the complexity intimidate you; fantasy football is only as complicated as the people you play it with.

Speaking of which, who will you be playing fantasy against? Well, the short answer is: Anyone. If you sign up to one of the multiple fantasy leagues out there, you can be pitted against anyone. The more complicated answer is: anyone you want. It is possible to set up a league consisting of only you and your friends. Or you could even play by yourself. My personal recommendation is to find a fun, lighthearted fantasy group to play with if it’s your first time. These people will be the ones who will likely show you the fantasy ropes, while still ribbing you for drafting a dud, or missing out on drafting a star.

Another reason you might want to try fantasy football is the personal investment it will bring to your football life. If you’re one of those people who heavily invest in one team, fantasy football will help you get invested in new teams. Unless, of course, you draft the entirety of the Dallas Cowboys. There’s only disappointment there, my friend. However, generally, you’ll draft players from different teams, and if you care about your fantasy team, you’ll be forced to be invested in the teams of your players.

If all of this wasn’t enough to at least convince you to give fantasy football a shot, then I’ve got one last reason for you to try: Money. Whether it’s a friendly wager between you and your friends, or you’re competing in a real-money fantasy league, money is always an optional incentive. Plenty of companies and reputable websites run fantasy leagues that give you a chance to win rewards if you finish amongst the league leaders in terms of total points. What better way to earn money than to sit on your butt watching football all weekend?