Spring is in the air!

Image via elle.com
Image via elle.com

What will be trending this season

By Brittney MacDonald, Life & Style Editor


Now that we’ve gotten rid of all that snow and the rain has finally arrived, it really does feel like spring! This means that many of you will be reaching into the deep recesses of your closets to start dragging out that long-missed spring wardrobe. If you want to know what’s going to be trending this coming season, don’t worry—I’ve got you covered.

Based off of runway shows and what’s been gracing the windows of stores like Nordstroms, Victoria’s Secret and H&M, we’re going to see a late ’60s early ’70s resurgence, with long, flowing maxi dresses, a lot of built in tiers and ruffles, and a slight focus on a cold shoulder cut—meaning high necklines with shoulder cut-outs on the sleeve.

If you’re fond of structure, don’t be discouraged, because strap detailing is coming back—though in an unconventional way. Criss-crossing straps will be a thing this season, but we’re seeing them more and more in odd places, such as along the sleeve, or over the bust. Yes, my bondage-keen friends, straps are no longer restricted to being a pretty back detail—though they’re still there, too.

Another cut that seems like it will be a big hit—and one that Victoria’s Secret is already prepping for—is the bra or bralet top. Shorter tops will be on trend, so bras with built in handkerchief lace, long ruffles, or a peasant blouse look will be everywhere.

The colours that we’ll be seeing a lot this spring are definitely the cooler tones. There will be a lot of blue, ranging from pastel to navy, and a lot of white. To contrast that, there will also be a lot of orange. Orange and blue are colour opposites, so it’s usually a trend in fashion to see opposing colours headline a season. Though the love for orange will be a bit more limited to apricot tones.

As for patterns, try to keep a look out for classical floral prints and bold stripes. By classical I mean slightly smaller florals, not like the large statement prints from last spring. Think more tea-time, and less avante-garde. As for the stripes, both horizontal and vertical will be seen, but try to keep in mind what you want a garment to do before going out and buying the first striped dress you see. Do you want to look taller? Go vertical! Do you want a more hourglass-shape? Horizontal will probably be your best bet!

For men, most of the trending colours and patterns will be the same. Look for blues, clean whites, stripes, and touches of floral that you can wear to work when you can. Avoid orange, and instead go for some deep reds or army greens—and definitely keep your eye out for some of that ’70s inspired outerwear.