Steven’s Man-Cave: Survival in a video game can be both scary and boring

‘Don’t Starve’ review

By Steven Cayer, Senior Columnist


This week I played an unforgiving, sandbox-style game called Don’t Starve.

Made by Klei Entertainment, this game first came out last April on the PC. It got the reputation of being similar to Minecraft, only with a Tim Burton-esque perspective. Now it has finally been released on the PS4. If you have Playstation Plus, you can get the game for free, which is always nice.

The story is about a young scientist who is trying to create something spectacular, when he hears a mysterious voice on the radio telling him what to do. It turns out that the scientist gets tricked into making a portal to another world where everything is trying to kill him. It is here that the game starts.

At first, I loved how you need to keep a close eye on your health, intelligence, and hunger. You can find all sorts of things that help in some way with this endeavour, and always remember to build a fire every night.

My one problem with this game is that it can get really repetitive at times. From collecting food and cooking it in the fire to scavenging for twigs, logs, grass, and rocks to create tools such as an axe. I just found it too stressful and, at some points, scary.

Klei did a really good job with the PS4 controls. I felt very comfortable while I was being chased by a stampede of beefalo.

To be honest, I only played the game once, and I survived 5 days in. The game needs more rewards for the player because if you happen to die, it’s a true game over. I probably won’t go back to this game, but if you like a challenge, you should try playing Don’t Starve.