Summer trends

Taylor Swift. Image via
Taylor Swift. Image via

What you should expect to see

By Brittney MacDonald, Life & Style Editor

Summer is upon us, so what can you do to make sure you look your most stylish? Like any product of the digital generation, I usually take my cues from my favourite celebrities, especially when they walk the red carpet. Last month’s Billboard Music Awards was a great chance to get a sneak peek at coming trends, and admittedly there were some hits and misses.

Starting off, I couldn’t help but notice the abundance of jumpsuits. Sported by the likes of Taylor Swift, Chrissy Teigen, and Ellen Pompeo, these svelte little numbers have the added bonus of being a complete outfit unto themselves! That’s right, no clambering to find a flattering skirt, or donning those old jean shorts yet again. Jumpsuits are great because they’re so versatile when it comes to your style—breaking out your patent pumps will turn the whole look dressy, while choosing a simple flip flop will have you looking elegant but casual.

The only real issue with this is jumpsuits tend to flatter very certain body shapes. They look fantastic on tall women, or women with longer limbs and maybe a shorter torso. If you’re not one of these, or maybe you’re a bit curvier and worry you might come off looking lumpy—look for an option that’s more flowy than structured, and avoid anything with a seam at the natural waist, as it will make your backside look huge. If you’re thinner, make sure you find something with straps as it will create a better silhouette and make the entire garment easier to wear—nobody wants to be that girl tugging at herself to keep from flashing everyone.

The next trend I noticed is a lack of jewelry. Everyone from Jennifer Lopez to Iggy Azalea decided to go bare this season, leaving the overpriced bracelets and necklaces at home. I will definitely say I am in total support of this. Though jewelry may be fun, choosing not to wear any can look really elegant. Not to mention it’s a great way to keep everyone’s focus on just your outfit if you want to show off a bit. What I like about this trend is that it’s universal—everyone can do it!

Plunging necklines also seem to be seeing a resurgence. With such a varied group of spokespeople—Karen Fairchild, Kendall Jenner, Rita Ora, and many more—it’s no wonder that women might be flocking to try this look out for themselves. I will say now that this definitely comes with a disclaimer. There is a right way and a wrong way to do a plunging neckline, the right way comes off looking sexy and high-fashion while the wrong way just comes off looking skanky. The thing to keep in mind is that if you’re going to do a plunging neckline, keep the other aspects of your outfit fairly modest. Either have the dress be loose or fairly shapeless for a boho aesthetic, or cover the legs and/or arms. I would not advise a plunging neckline if you’re a fairly busty woman, that’s just begging for a nip slip.

Most important of all, keep in mind that fashion is about fun and communicating your aesthetic to the world. So never be afraid to try out something new.