Terrorism trial of attempted Legislature bombing underway

John Nuttall and Amanda Korody. Photo via vancouversun.com
John Nuttall and Amanda Korody. Photo via vancouversun.com

John Nuttall and wife Amanda Korody accused 2013 terrorist attempts

By Angela Espinoza, News Editor

The trial over an attempted bombing at BC’s legislature on Canada Day 2013 has been underway since February 10.

The accused are married couple John Nuttall and Amanda Korody, who conspired in the bomb plot. They have a total of four terrorism-related charges against them, with the case taking place in BC Supreme Court.

On July 1, 2013, the couple left several “pressure-cooker” bombs on the front lawn outside legislature.

Nuttall and Korody’s plans were revealed after discussion of their plan was recorded on video in an undercover RCMP vehicle. In the video, Nuttall expressed concerns over being followed by undercover police, as well as various steps in putting his and Korody’s plans into action. Purchases of various materials at hardware stores were necessary to build their explosive device, which was also discussed on video.

Other possible bombing attempts discussed in recordings, CBC revealed, included Victoria-based attacks of a passenger ferry, the popular foot-traffic area around the now-closed wax museum, and “storming” a naval base.

Korody also revealed vital information of the bomb plot to an undercover RCMP on a separate occasion, with the National Post reporting that she stated, “We know that if we do this, we’re going to get shot, we’re going to get killed.”

The couple recognized themselves as “extremist Muslim,” and were planning more than one attack on Canada Day in Victoria.

In another recorded statement, Nuttall stated, “I just wanted justice. … When 9/11 happened, I became really interested with these people.” The April 2013 Boston Marathon bombing was also named as an “inspiration” for Nuttall.

Reportedly Nuttall attempted to conspire with other BC residents who identified as Muslim, several of whom CBC reports called police as a result.

Police investigation took several months as the couple organized the planned attack. National Post also revealed that numerous conversations with Nuttall and Korody were recorded during the investigation, much of which has since been played in court.

RCMP went so far as to fabricate a story on a “chemical scare” in the Surrey area of which the couple resided to bug their home.

Since the video recordings have been shown in court, Nuttall and Korody have been recognized as recovering heroin addicts facing financial difficulties at the time of the attempted bombing. Nuttall had also only recently converted to the Muslim religion prior to planning the attacks.

Despite the evidence, Nuttall and Korody are currently pleading “not guilty” on the count of attempted terrorism.