The art of working hard and playing hard

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Incorporating pleasure alongside work to your lifestyle

By Cazzy Lewchuk, Staff Writer

The question of time management is one that plagues all of us. It’s particularly difficult with young college students. To what extent and percentage should one put work over pleasure? How much recreation should we allow ourselves, versus how much work we should try to get done? Should one feel guilty for indulging in all sorts of pleasures, even if we do get important things done?

Time management is an almost universal issue, and each individual handles it differently. For many of us, we try to be as productive as possible. We spend a lot of time on our work (career, personal, or school) and a minimal amount of time on personal pleasure/recreation. There’s certainly nothing wrong with attempting to get a lot of work done. In fact, it’s probably something that should be encouraged whenever possible.

But playing hard should also be encouraged, particularly at a young age. Our twenties are about finding ourselves, trying new experiences, and realizing what we ultimately want out of life. Later years will often be spent in a fixed routine, and unable to do many of the things we greatly enjoy in our youth. I (and many others can relate) have worked early shifts super hungover after staying out late the night before. I have written articles and homework at two in the morning under the influence. Frankly, I recommend it.

We all have the same number of hours in a day; we have different circumstances on our abilities to spend our time, but we all have the same potential. I advocate trying to cram as much in as possible. Of course, productive/responsible things should take precedence, but there’s no reason to do less with your time.

Commit yourself to as many events as you want to. Go to movies, shows, concerts, and bars with friends, even on a weeknight. Have an extra drink. Stay for the after-party. Spend your time making memories and expanding in personal growth, even if it’s in a less-than-productive matter.

Ultimately, wasting our time is what hurts us, whether in too much work or not enough play. It’s easy to get trapped in a balance of working hard all the time and having no energy left to relax. Keeping busy is what matters. Making time for pleasure will ultimately lead to a happier you, and better memories in the long run.

Don’t push yourself to do things you don’t want to, but absolutely do the things you want. Don’t feel guilt for enjoying yourself. Making a mentality to stay busy may even lead to being more productive overall. It’s less of a waste and a lot more rewarding.