The best Thors waiting for the big screen

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MCU is thorly missing these iconic characters

By Greg Waldock, Staff Writer


The best part about the Marvel Cinematic Universe being so wildly successful is that now, after a full decade of blockbuster action and sci-fi, we’re getting into the really weird and zany parts of Marvel lore. It doesn’t get any weirder or zanier than the Thor stories, which include space battles with longboats, time-traveling trickster gods, and a surprising number of Mjolnir-holding heroes. With Thor: Ragnarok rolling around the corner in November (and the as the definition of “worthy” is vaguer than ever), now is a great time to look at some of the stranger comic book characters to wield the power of Thor.

Beta Ray Bill: The greatest bro in all of comics and Thor’s best friend. He’s an alien superhero, mutated into a monstrous form by the mad scientists who gave him his powers. To save his planet from demons, he fights Thor to try and steal Mjolnir. Odin sees how evenly matched they are and commands them to fight to the death for the right to carry the hammer, so it’s not a great start to their friendship. However, they draw in combat, treat each other honourably, and Thor helps Bill save his planet—and Odin is so impressed by his strength that he gives Bill his own magic divine hammer. This character was introduced way back in the ’80s and Beta Ray Bill still shows up to this day, heroically saving his adopted home or giving Thor a hand in punching the bad guy. He’s eloquent, chivalrous, and the best alien-mutant-hero a thunder god could ask for. We can only hope Beta Ray Bill one day makes it to the big screen.

Curmudgeonly Police Chief Thor: In 2015 the multiverse ended, and that sucked. But Doctor Doom saved it! Which also sucked. Long story short, he fused bits of different universes into a single patchwork planet, and ruled over it with an iron fist as an all-powerful God, capital G. To control the planet, he created the Doomgard, the Thor-populated police force, which is exactly what it sounds like: A ton of characters got to wield Mjolnir and fight crime as Thors. The Force has all the police movie clichés with loose cannon rookies, retired cop forced back into action, and the Curmudgeonly Police Chief, an old grizzled Thor with a cop moustache and no patience for this crap. It‘s awesome.

Throg: He is a tiny frog with a tiny hammer. Yes, it lets him speak Old English. Yes, it’s canon. Yes, Thor: Ragnarok will be a complete waste of time if Throg doesn’t have at least a cameo.