The big apple

Tech powerhouse introduces their upcoming lineup and product updates

By Aaron Guillen, Contributor

They’ve done it again, folks! Apple has revealed their new line of products ready to hit the shelves before the end of the year. As usual, consumers will be ready to hand over their cash faster than you can ask Siri a question. Speaking of which, the iPhones this year are bound to be a hit if you love the little bonuses added into the latest edition. With the addition of a Rose Gold model, it’s sure to sell to those who want to proudly show they’ve got the newest phone on the market. To somewhat of a surprise, the new iPhones, the 6S and 6S+, look exactly the same their predecessors, but with all-new features that will have you dying to get your hands on them. With 3D Touch, an exclusive update to the most recent phones, users will be able to peek into photos, documents, or dates without leaving their original spot.

If Apple has learned one thing, it’s that having effortless accessibility is where it’s at. Additionally, the newer models have a 12MP back-facing camera, one and a half times clearer than their predecessor, as well as a 5MP front-facing camera guaranteed to enhance your selfies. And, for the first time, you’ll be able to watch your photos. How? With Live Photos, whenever you capture a photo the camera will automatically record one second before and after so you can experience the moment all over again. The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus will start at the cost of $899 and $1029 respectively. They are available for pre-order already and will be in stores on September 25.

To much awe, the iPad Pro was revealed. The largest iPad to date, measuring 12.9 inches across and boasting a four-speaker audio system, it will begin release in November with a US price tag (Canadian will be higher) starting at $799. The most surprising announcement of the day was the Apple Pencil. Promoted as a must-have accessory to the newest iPad, it provides detail to any project or sketch. The Apple Pencil will be sold in the States for $99, and be released alongside the iPad Pro.

With constant updates, it was undeniable for Apple to improve upon its watch and TV products. The updated watchOS 2 introduces new watch faces from around the world, a nightstand mode, an advanced activation lock, and Time Travel, an organized way of seeing what is expected tomorrow, varying from weather to appointments. Lastly, a revised remote was introduced for the Apple TV to highlight Siri integration and an all-new touch interface. The new Apple TV has yet to have an announced release date but is already priced at $149 south of the border.

As this year winds down, it seems like Apple’s is just beginning to rev up once again for a profitable year.