The Other Dress

By Aidan Mouellic, Contributor


Name: Iloradanon Efimoff

Major: Psychology/Gender Relations

Best-dressed celebrity: “I don’t pay attention to that stuff and don’t watch TV—so I don’t know.”

Most desired clothing item: “My aunt makes homemade moccasins and I want a pair!”

Favourite clothing store: “Any second-hand store or my mom’s closet. The shirt I’m wearing is from her closet!”

Best-dressed instructor(s) at Douglas College: “Kristin Wagner and Tad Mcilwraith.”



Name: Val Ferrar

Major: Therapeutic Recreation

Best-dressed celebrity: “Charice!”

Most desired clothing item: “Leggings, can’t have enough of them.”

Favourite clothing store: “Antique clothing stores—I guess that would be vintage stores then.”

Best-dressed instructor(s) at Douglas College: “Nikki Houston.”