The Other Playlist

L&S_Other playlist

By Brittney MacDonald, Life & Style Editor


School is back in session, and for many of you that means it’s back to the books. But studying and concentrating on school work can be hard, especially when it seems like summer is still hanging around. We here at the Other Press office are no different from you; we want to hang onto the last dregs of summer as well. So it is with mournful regret, that I present you the Other Playlist for September, and thus, the last playlist of summer.

  1. Dean’s Room by Allison Crutchfield (Jacey)
  2. Border Line by King Krule (Jessica)
  3. My Type by Saint Motel (Rebecca)
  4. Slowly by Amon Tobin (Klara)
  5. Down by The River by Neil Young with Crazy Horse (Jake)
  6. The Moment by The Agonist (Caroline)
  7. I’m the One by DJ Khaled (Analyn)
  8. Younger Now by Miley Cyrus (Brittney)