Tu me manques

By Bex Peterson, Editor-in-Chief

I know it’s been too long

since last I saw you

I know the texts you sent me

have stacked up, aged,

far too late to harvest


I know you understand the way

the days can slip into weeks

into months

into seasons and I know

we both promised we’d do better

and I’m the one who broke it



I know you’re somewhere new now

and your adventures are worlds

away from where we grew up

and God, I’m glad at least

one of us got out


(they say the good get out)


I know that there’s a scientific consistency

to moonlight

but no one can tell me

that the moon doesn’t shine

brighter on the places

where you are


I know the way you refract light

defies science altogether

so we’re all a little brighter

in your presence

and I know you won’t believe me

when I tell you all of this


(if I tell you all of this)


I miss you;

you’re missing from me,

I’m missing from you


I hope you know I count the days

until we can walk in the moonlight