U2’s big comeback

Apple Event‘Songs of Innocence’ review

By Jerrison Oracion, Senior Columnist


U2 made a big comeback when they performed in the recent Apple announcement and unexpectedly announced their next album, Songs of Innocence. According to Bono, it is the most personal album that U2 has made.

The album is produced by Gnarls Barkley member, Danger Mouse, with some songs produced by OneRepublic member, Ryan Tedder. That’s probably why it sounds so much like a Black Keys album and a OneRepublic album but with the signature sounds of U2.

On the album, the songs talk about the early years of the band, like the moment that changed their lives forever when they saw the Ramones perform in Dublin (“The Miracle [of Joey Ramone]”), the band’s first big trip to California (“California [There is No End to Love]”), a bombing that happened in Dublin that Bono almost experienced (“Iris [Hold Me Close]”) and Bono’s neighbourhood (“Cedarwood Road”).

One of my favourite songs in the album is “Sleep Like a Baby Tonight” because it sounds similar to the Beatles song “Good Night.” Bono sounds the same as in the band’s earlier albums.

If you are a fan of U2, you will enjoy this album. Songs of Innocence is available on iTunes as a free gift until October 13.