Voting at Douglas and in the community

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Douglas College and Coquitlam to hold by-elections

By Mercedes Deutscher, News Editor

A by-election has been called to fill in a vacant spot in Douglas College’s New Westminster Campus Education Council.

The Registrar’s Office took in candidacy applications between December 15 and January 11.

From January 20 to 27, New Westminster students will have the opportunity to elect their new council member. Students can vote through their online Douglas account.

The elected candidate will serve on the Education Council until August 31, after which a general Education Council election will be held.

Meanwhile, residents of the Coquitlam-Burke Mountain riding will have a chance to vote in a provincial level by-election.

Doug Horne, the former Liberal MLA for the riding, stepped down from his position in an attempt to campaign as a Conservative MP for the October federal election, but lost to Liberal MP Rob McKinnon.

Paul Geddes is running on behalf of the Libertarian Party; Joan Isaacs, a business woman, is running on behalf of the Liberal Party; Joe Keithley, a musician, is running on behalf of the Green Party; and Jodie Wickens, the executive director of the Autism Support Network, is running on behalf of the NDP.

As of this time, Wickens has been the only candidate to attract attention.

“We deserve a champion who will fight for this community. I know how much we need new schools and improved transit,” Wickens explained at a January 10 rally, as reported by Voice Online.

Advanced polling for the provincial by-election is open during the weekend of January 23 and 24, and from January 27 to 30. The general voting date is February 2. All polls are open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

A similar by-election is occurring in Vancouver-Mount Pleasant.

Provincial voter registration can be completed on the Elections BC website.