What is the world’s sexiest sport?

Image from zgeek.com
Image from zgeek.com

By Josh Martin, Sports Editor

Out of the 29 individuals I spoke to, which included 15 males and 14 females, the consensus of what the world’s sexiest sport came out a bit divided. Out of the men, seven responded with women’s beach volleyball, two said the Lingerie Football League, and three said women’s tennis. Surfing, skiing, and wrestling also had one vote each.

When asked why beach volleyball was his favourite, Dougle College student Jake Lewis shrugged and said, “Because you get to see fit, tan women jump around in bikinis.”

The answers from the 13 females were the most surprising. The majority thought rugby as the sexiest sport in the world—if I had known this several years ago, I might have joined my high school team. Another two females said tennis, while hockey, baseball, surfing, and snowboarding all tied with one vote.

“It’s because they get all dirty and muddy,” SFU student Samantha Meyers said about rugby being her favourite. “I can’t really explain it. It must be something about the way they tackle each other.”

So there you have it, folks: an answer to the life-long question of what is the world’s sexist sport.