What to expect in Fall 2015

Image by http://www.news1130.com
Image by http://www.news1130.com

A preview for a new school year at Douglas College

By Mercedes Deutscher, News Editor

A new semester of classes is underway at Douglas College, and it will be the first for thousands of new students. Several annual events are scheduled to take place in the first few weeks of September, both to acclimatize students to their new environment and test necessary safety procedures for the school.

Hundreds of students showed up for New Student Orientation, which took place on August 18 and 20 at Coquitlam’s David Lam campus, and from August 25 to 27 at the New Westminster campus. All of the orientations taking place at New Westminster reached full capacity attendance. In addition to the regular orientations, mature students also received an orientation of their own on August 20 at David Lam, and on August 27 at New Westminster.

The E.D.G.E., formerly known as FROSH, will be taking place from September 17 to 19. Over the course of three days, students who register will be invited to participate in ice-breakers, team challenges, socials, and more. Any new students who started attending Douglas College in Winter, Summer, or Fall 2015 are welcomed by the Campus Life Department to participate. Registration for the E.D.G.E. costs $10.

Campus lockdown drills are scheduled to take place in mid-September on a yet to-be-announced date. In the days leading up to the drills, instructors and personnel will be informing students about what to do during the drill and any emergency that would require the campus to be placed under lockdown, depending on where they are situated at the time.

There are several financial deadlines that occur through September. From September 8 until September 20, students will still have the opportunity to receive a 50 per cent reimbursement for their tuition in the event that they drop out of a class. After September 20, no refunds will be given.

September 21 will be the next fee payment deadline, applicable to courses that were added between August 20 and September 20. If fees are not paid in full by September 21, a student will not be de-registered from their course; however, they will receive a $25 late fee per registered course.

There will also be a variety of opportunities for students, such as several bursaries available from September until October.

Although available year round, as a note, the Douglas Student Union will continue providing several services and amenities, including free agendas for students, computer services, spaces for studying and club meetings, and the student food bank.