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There’s ‘A Big to-DO’ going on at Douglas!

By Angela Espinoza, Arty Editor

For the first time ever, Douglas College is proud to host a new event entitled “A Big to-DO: A Celebration of Art.” Back in June, I wrote a piece detailing the event. Amongst other things, the piece outlined what we can expect from the show.

But first, allow me to backtrack. “A Big to-DO” is the first gallery showcase devoted completely to students and faculty of all artistic backgrounds. Taking place in the Amelia Douglas Gallery at the New West campus, a number of Douglas’ pupils have been granted the opportunity to place one to four artworks on display. Ranging from painting and photography to sculpting and crafting, the exhibit is expected to present an open variety dedicated to these unsung talents.

Two students with works being displayed, Alannah Wallace and Michelle Iaconis, took some time to speak with us about themselves and their thoughts on the exhibit. But, perhaps most important of all, Wallace and Iaconis were happy to share their thoughts on creative opportunities for students.

“I just completed my Child and Youth Care (CYC) Diploma at Douglas College,” Iaconis began. “I love exploring the outdoors, whether I’m walking, hiking, or biking. I take the time to stop along the way and take photos of the beauty that I see to share it with others. Photography is a passion of mine, and was part of my wellness plan while studying to help maintain balance in my life. It is a rewarding and relaxing way to express myself creatively.”

Iaconis further stated that she found the “various student groups,” organizations, and clubs offered at Douglas were valuable opportunities for student experience.

“One [group] that I joined was the Douglas Outdoors Club, and it’s great. I went kayaking with the group for the first time and [just] fell in love with [it].”

Wallace, on the other hand, while certainly pleased with what Douglas offers for students, detailed a few additional ideas that I too feel could enhance life for the student body.

“I’m studying Psychology here and planning on going to SFU in January,” Wallace said. “My goal is to get into the Psychology Honors program, and then apply to grad school from there.

“I love painting, but [while] in the Studio Art program at Capilano, I had the opportunity to try printmaking. I didn’t even know what printmaking was before I tried it, but… I loved it. [It’s unfortunate though,] because it’s not something I can easily do; you need to have access to a huge… printmaking machine and chemicals.

“I wish Douglas had painting and printmaking classes! But I understand it’s expensive and hard to start up programs [like that]. I think it would be really cool for Douglas to maybe get some guest speakers in and hold some one-time classes. Maybe even some… competitions where students or a panel could select paintings. I love competitions, I think they are really fun, they generate hype, and they get students involved with the school on a non-academic level.

“I’m sure in the future more will be available for students, but in the mean time I already appreciate everything this school has to offer; inexpensive classes, easy transfer to SFU, and they even gave me financial aid when I really needed help earlier this year.

One thing Wallace and Iaconis absolutely agreed on though was how wonderful an opportunity “A Big to-DO” has been for them.

“I was so happy when I saw the ad for [A Big to-DO] on the Douglas College homepage,” Wallace stated, an experience shared with Iaconis. “I love to see that the school cares about art. I’m so happy that time and effort was put aside to give us this opportunity!”

Iaconis added, “I think it is a fabulous way to bring people together and share our creative work with others.”

“A Big to-DO” will be open to the public starting on August 9, and from the 11 to 12 will be part of the New Westminster Culture Crawl

What: A Big to-DO: A Celebration of Art

Where: Amelia Douglas Gallery, New Westminster Campus

When: From August 9 to September 14

Cost: FREE!