A new generation of leaders


Spotlight on Douglas College’s Student Ambassadors

By Mercedes Deutscher, News Editor

Throughout August and early September, several events have taken place at Douglas College, such as New Student Orientation and the Week of Welcome. These events, among many others throughout the year, are done so with the assistance of the Student Ambassadors.

Operating under the Office for New Students, the Student Ambassadors are the largest leadership organization on campus. They take on leadership positions to help new students transition into college life, as well as help create an exciting campus environment and community.

Some of the skills learned and developed within the Student Ambassadors include public speaking and event planning.

Aside from work on campus, the Student Ambassadors enjoy time amongst themselves through the use of socials and outings.

When asked what the most rewarding part of the Student Ambassador Program was, Kim Paris, who supervises the ambassadors, explained that it is rewarding “seeing the friendships that grow out of the Ambassador program.”

“They’re always smiling, and laughing, and having a great time.”

Paris explains that many of the people who come into the Student Ambassadors are generally new students, shy, or not previously involved around the campus. However, upon leaving the program, these students are seen as leaders within the Douglas College community.

Some alumni of the program have had interesting opportunities after their time with the Student Ambassadors.

“We have students who are going to Uganda. We have students who have gotten some really great job offers…” Paris describes. “There’s some cool transitions to see them as timid, shy students, and then… they’re pretty confident and have some great leadership skills.”

The Student Ambassadors recruit new members at the beginning of each semester. For the current semester, they will be recruiting until the end of September. Interested students can apply online, and selected applicants will be selected for group interviews that involve scenario and teamwork exercises. From there, those hired out of the interviews will join the program, and attend socials that will help integrate them into the existing group of ambassadors.