An endless love for ‘Amori Infiniti’

By Zach Roubos, Contributor


In an era where most popular R&B artists are auto-tuned over fist pump-worthy tracks produced by the likes of David Guetta and Benny Benassi, it’s refreshing to hear artists such as Frank Ocean and The Weeknd, who make progressive R&B while leaning more towards soul over electronic dance music. Enter Lucille Ghatti and her debut full-length project, Amori Infiniti (released April 20).

Ghatti’s sound is very chill, with some minimalist electro beats mixed in with ‘90s-influenced neo-soul. She even does a cover of the Slum Village track “Climax,” where she kicks some bars over the J Dilla produced classic. This ‘90s influence is further evidenced with an additional cover of Faith Evans’ “Faithfully.” Ghatti’s voice won’t blow you away with power, but for the most part, it’s a good thing, as her breathy and unique vocals flow effortlessly over every track.

While almost unknown at the present, Loud Pack Lucy (as Ghatti likes to refer to herself) will not remain so for much longer. Download Amori Infiniti now, and later you can tell your friends obnoxiously that you found her before the well-deserved fame.