Barack Obama or Stephen Harper: whom do you prefer?

By Amanda McGregor, Contributor

Recently, the Republican and Democratic National Conventions were broadcasted on television. The main reason I watched the Conventions was because I take great pleasure in watching two people battle for the throne.
Although I know practically nothing about politics, I was excited to see Barack Obama perform his speech. If we’re being honest, Obama has a more stimulating effect on my brain than Stephen Harper.
The only other politician I really paid mind to was Jack Layton of the New Democratic Party (NDP). As it turns out, a recent poll shows that Obama would have gotten 71 per cent of the votes from Canadians who supported the NDP in the 2011 federal election. So why do so many Canadians like Obama?
First of all, Canadians care more about our hockey than we do about our politics. Second, we are exposed to American politics through media since three quarters of our channels are American based. The media is virtually impossible to ignore.
Nonetheless, my lack of interest continues to be the main reason I know hardly anything about Harper. All I know is that he was born in 1959 and has a terrible haircut. Do I wish I were fascinated with Harper and Canadian politics? Sure. And I have even tried.
In an attempt to remedy my blissful ignorance, I watched interviews with Harper on YouTube. I noticed that the majority of the comments were of dislike, with one remark in particular that amused me: “He looks like a butch Lesbian.” Another one said “He is like the Canadian George W. Bush, only he doesn’t make me laugh.” As I watched one of the interviews I slipped into a reverie, finding myself completely bored!
Don’t get me wrong; I have nothing against Harper. Perhaps he could “Slow Jam the News” on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon like Obama courageously did.
In the end, we all have our different opinions. Mine is that Harper is a bit of a bore and Obama is charismatic. But at least they both have a decent taste in music: check out videos of them singing on YouTube sometime. Obama sings Al Green and Harper sings The Beatles—not bad!