While everyone’s won, the ‘Battle’ is lost

‘Battle Born’ review

By Sophie Isbister, Contributor


Upon first hearing Battle Born (released September 18), it would seem that Brandon Flowers and those other dudes from The Killers were heavily influenced by George R.R. Martin’s sweeping fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire. The first track, “Flesh and Bone,” is appropriately epic, with doom-filled soundscapes and soaring vocals. Unfortunately, the pace falters, and by the time you reach the title track at the end of the album, you might already have been lulled to sleep.

Overall, the fourth effort from the Nevada blah-rock quartet is a numbingly predictable ode to relationships, nostalgia, and a new genre that I’ve dubbed “narrative rock.” Stay tuned! Soon I’ll be releasing an online narrative rock lyric generator and then anyone can write songs about driving their motorcycle/car/Segway to the bowling alley/dance club/abattoir and falling in love with a guy/gal/embalmed horse.

All jokes aside, if you like The Killers you’ll like this album, including standout tracks like the album’s first single, “Runaway,” and the surprisingly good “Miss Atomic Bomb.”