Basia Ruta fired as BC auditor general

Basia Ruta. Image via
Basia Ruta. Image via

Ruta’s handling of audits resulted in review

By Angela Espinoza, News Editor

BC’s auditor general Basia Ruta was fired from her position on March 23 following a review of her performance that she had concerns about.

Amongst other public complaints made about her work, Ruta’s “slow pace,” lack of “leadership,” and an accusation of “obstruction” were listed in a CBC report about the dismissal.

In a statement about Ruta’s dismissal, Coralee Oakes, Minister of Community, Sport, and Cultural Development, wrote that Ruta’s “obstruction of an intended review of her office [had] created an intolerable situation.”

The obstruction in question referred to a March 19 statement made by Ruta that the impending review was not within legal boundaries. “The audit council doesn’t have the power to appoint someone to do a review,” Ruta told the Canadian Press.

The review was partially based on Ruta’s previous supposedly mishandling of audits from her office.

CBC reported that in her time as auditor general, Ruta was only able to complete two local government audits in her three-year tenure.