Global BC reporter fires back at body shaming

Kristi Gordon and Global BC co-anchors. Image via Global BC
Kristi Gordon and Global BC co-anchors. Image via Global BC

Kristi Gordon read lines from one viewer’s letter about her pregnancy

By Angela Espinoza, News Editor

On March 27, meteorologist for Global BC, Kristi Gordon, addressed an offensive letter one viewer had written about her body since announcing her pregnancy.

Gordon read some of the comments directed at her while on-air. “Nowhere on North America TV have we seen a weather reader so gross as you,” Gordon read.

“Buy some decent clothes and have more respect for you unborn child,” read another statement.

Gordon noted an interview with Vancity Buzz that she’d also received negative comments about her body during her first pregnancy, and that the comments only began after her pregnancy was more visibly noticeable.

“There’s something about showing the belly that is sort of kicking off some kind of response in people,” said Gordon.

Gordon added that while her and fellow staff found the letter partially amusing, that the comments about her appearance did eventually affect her over time. “It sinks in,” said Gordon, “and I think I’m a pretty strong person. So if it’s sinking in with me, imagine how some people feel. That kind of struck a chord with me.”

Regardless, Gordon has stated that she’ll be continuing her position as meteorologist.