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Skin care for the holidays

By Lauren Kelly, Assistant Editor

Taking care of your skin is important, but it can be expensive. Going into the holidays, I wanted to tell you about two of my favourite skincare steals to help you look fresh faced for any festivities!

Face Mask Sheets: These face masks, which are incredibly popular in Korea and have been brought to a Western market by stores such as Sephora and The Face Shop, are one time use only. Each comes in a separate package filled with various serums, such as vitamin C, rose, pearl, green tea, and aloe, which serve different purposes such as anti-aging, brightening, tightening, and hydrating. They are incredibly easy to use: You wash your face well, unfold the mask, lay it across your face, and wait about 20 minutes before taking it off and massaging the remaining serum into your skin. These masks, which are ideally used every day, will put you out $8 a piece at Sephora, making them incredibly unaffordable for almost anyone who wants to use them that often (or even once or twice a week). However, they can be purchased at Asian supermarkets like T&T for about $1 each, or in bulk for an even better deal.

E.l.f. Zit Zapper: If you struggle with breakouts, this clear roll-on gel from E.l.f. is very effective. Zit Zapper is filled with ingredients famous for helping with acne, such as tea-tree oil, witch hazel, and salicylic acid, and it also contains camphor, which works as an anti-microbial and anaesthetic when applied to the skin. Make sure your skin is completely product free before applying it or else it won’t be able to work properly. People have reported this making a big difference in their skin in as little as a couple days. And its all-natural contents make it the perfect option for people with sensitive skin. Zit Zapper is also an easy gamble if you’re concerned about whether it will work for you; I picked up a tube at Old Navy for $3, and it should be about that price anywhere you can buy E.l.f. products.