Between the Sheets

Your quickie guide to getting it on, on the go

By Viv Steele, Efficiency Expert

Want to get your kicks but don’t have hours to invest? Want to relieve some stress with your partner to take the edge off a busy day? Do you prefer sex more often as opposed to weekly marathon sessions? Look no further than the Between the Sheets top five quickies list!

The Rise and Shine

Morning sex is probably my favourite kind of quickie, if you have the luxury of frequent sleepovers with your lover. No need to even get out of bed—keep any necessary items (glass of water, condoms, lube) on the bedside table, forgo the foreplay, and start the day off right.

The Nightcap

“Babe, I can’t get to sleep!” “Me neither.” “Do you know what I think might help?” “What?” “Well, if you have 10 minutes, I can show you.” Try this move and I promise you’ll be having some sweet dreams.

The Afternoon Delight

Have a few minutes between your last class and your night shift at the glue factory? Close the blinds and get sweaty with your sweetie. The Afternoon Delight is best on hot days when the sun is beating down on a south-facing window—and the quicker you go, the longer you can spend in a refreshing team shower afterwards.

The Parking Attendant

This advanced technique gives a whole new meaning to “driving stick.” It’s best performed by couples with tinted windows and SUVs—the smaller and more open your car is, the riskier this maneuver becomes. Good times to attempt the Parking Attendant include before a movie, after a dinner, or in the middle of a stressful trip to Metrotown.

The No-Time-To-Strip

My number-one quickie on this list is what short skirts were made for. This down-to-business act forgoes the ritual of disrobing in favour of an under the clothes grope-fest followed by doing the deed quick and dirty. It’s number one possibly because it’s the quintessential move for speed and efficiency—you don’t even have to get dressed after, and you can do it almost anywhere with four walls and a door. Caution: this advanced move can be risky business.

Quickies don’t necessarily have to be public and risky. If that doesn’t do it for you, then don’t feel pressured. Sex sessions of 20 minutes or less, when peppered throughout your week, can keep things spicy and tide you over for those longer sessions when you get some free time.