Between the Sheets


Hedonism: it’s not just a sex resort in Jamaica

By Viv Steele, Sexual Correspondent

Hello you sexy Douglas College students, and welcome to the very first edition of The Other Press’s brand spankin’ new sex column, Between the Sheets. This week we’ll be discussing Halloween in all of its tight-fitting, pushed-up glory.

Halloween for kids is all about princesses, jack-o’-lanterns, and sugar-fuelled frenzies. As adults, we get our kicks by getting hammered on Red Bull and vodka at the local fetish night and heading home with our main squeeze (or flavour of the week) for a little bit of festive, evil rowdiness. Halloween is the one night of the year where the shy girl can dress like a harlot, where it’s socially acceptable to let the kinks out of the closet, and when our boring lives can be transformed with a bit of glitter and fishnets.

There’s a cool bite in the air, grocery store aisles are packed high with fun-sized candy bars, and your neighbourhood pop-up costume store is bursting at the seams with a veritable smorgasbord of lace-and-PVC riddled, sexed-up versions of Halloween classics. The princess trades her ball gown for a corset, the jack-o’-lantern gets filled with free condoms, and maybe the sugar-fuelled frenzy turns into Jaeger-bomb-fuelled fuck fest. But when the lights go out and the sexy Stormtrooper costume is in a white Spandex heap on the floor, you might just find that you and your partner are in the sexiest costume possible: your own skin. And that’s when it can get really exciting.

Maybe there’s nothing sexy about brain-munching zombies, but other ghouls are firmly entrenched in the cultural canon of kink. Take vampires for instance. Even Anne Rice’s Victorian style vampires ooze sex appeal, and the vamps in television’s True Blood are nothing short of jaw-droppingly humpable. So maybe you and your sweetie can play vampire on Halloween. Suck face to your heart’s content and do the nasty like you’re immortal—if you don’t want neck hickeys, try the inner thigh. Or maybe werewolves are your thing, because let’s face it: there’s something hot about a guy who’s totally normal 28 days out of the month and then turns into a wild animal during the full moon. Take this special opportunity to just go crazy on each other.

Or maybe you’d rather be realistic about your fantasies. Maybe Halloween would be a good time to approach your lover (or crush) about a sexual desire that’s been weighing on your mind. Instead of investing in a $60 costume, you could buy a $10 length of rope and just wear that in the bedroom. The possibilities are as endless as your twisted mind is. We don’t get many opportunities to play hard as adults. Halloween is one of those unique moments in our lives where we can be whoever we want to be. So break out the whip and ball-gag, pick a safe word, and remember to have a crazy, sexy, consensual time.