Bubble World

Image via 30dayadventures.ca
Image via 30dayadventures.ca

Taiwanese food and bubble tea in one restaurant

By Jerrison Oracion, Senior Columnist


Four months ago, the Sui Sha Ya Japanese Restaurant near the David Lam campus was closed down. When that happened, the building was quickly renovated, and in a few weeks it turned into a Bubble World. This is the second Bubble World in Coquitlam, with their other location near Lougheed Mall. The new Bubble World is a restaurant that has a variety of Taiwanese food, which is delicious, and they have bubble tea, which you can drink in the restaurant or on the go. This is the same as the Bubble World near the New Westminster campus, but not all locations serve hot food.

They have a lot of specials that you can only get at Bubble World. One of the chef specials is the Hakka style pork and squid with satay sauce, which adds a peanut butter taste to it. Currently, the restaurant has new items that are very delicious. One of the new items is the spiced chicken cutlet with special chili sauce. When you eat it, it starts to get spicy and the taste of it is very powerful.

Another new item to highlight is the chicken cutlet with plum sauce. The chicken cutlet is very crunchy and the specially-made plum sauce is very sweet, which makes the cutlet taste more delicious. It is even more delicious when you eat it with rice because it adds more flavour to it.

Some of the other items that the restaurant offers are rice dishes, marinated meats, a Japanese pork chop sandwich, and even waffles for dessert.

Their bubble tea has a variety of choices to choose from. They have the usual teas, available in both cold and hot; milk teas; supreme teas; slushies; ice cream teas; and shaved ice. For most of them you can add extras, including pearls and green tea jelly. One of the more unique bubble teas that the restaurant has is the honey ice cream slush with mixed nuts, which is milk green tea with honey ice cream and assorted nuts. The ice cream in it is so chilly that you could get a brainfreeze when you eat it.

So, if you like delicious Taiwanese food and refreshing bubble tea, you can go to Bubble World and have great food and drinks. Bubble World is located at #120-2991 Lougheed Highway.