Clint Eastwood joins the Fox Network

By Jeff Allen, Insane Fox Network Executive

It’s official! Clint Eastwood is going to be a late night television star!

Fox Network announced last Friday that Hollywood icon Clint Eastwood, who has starred in such films as Pink Cadillac and The Rookie, has inked a deal to host his own late night politically-themed talk show for the channel. The show’s producer, Adolph Gingrich, couldn’t be happier about the announcement.

“We’re obviously delighted to have someone of Clint’s caliber join the Fox family. He’s really going to bring something new to the talk show format.” Gingrich actively pursued the star for a television deal following Eastwood’s well-received interview with President Barack Obama at the Republican National Convention last month.

“I think Clint is going to surprise a lot of people. He brings with him the credibility and humanity of Bill O’Reilly and the natural charisma of Rush Limbaugh.”

Live with Clint has already caused a stir when it announced the program’s first guests would include GOP nominee Mitt Romney’s Irish Setter Seamus, Osama bin Laden, writer Christopher Hitchens, and musical guest Nicki Minaj. When asked how Mr. Eastwood was planning to deal with the fact that several of his guests are no longer living, negating part the show’s ‘live’ moniker, Gingrich responded, “Trust me, Clint is the king of the absentee interviews. The Obama administration may take the credit for putting a bullet in Osama’s brain, but Clint will be responsible for putting one into his mind. This show is traditional, but groundbreaking. It’s like Merv Griffin inherited John Edward’s body. It’s going to be very hip.

“Let me be clear when I say John Edward. I mean the Crossing Over guy, not Al Gore’s old running mate.”

When asked about comparisons to other talk shows with a political slant like John Stewart’s The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, Gingrich replied. “Whoever those guys are, Clint is definitely going to make their day.”

Although unconfirmed at this time, sources close to the program say Hank Williams Jr. will become Clint’s official bandleader, and will most likely be used in a “Paul Schaffer-type-capacity.”

Live with Clint is scheduled to premiere on October 29 on the Fox Broadcasting Network.