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Just hanging out

By Kirsten Scott-Wuori, Contributor

Did you forget to wear a shirt today? Did you wear too many shirts today? Were you so hungry after lunch that you found yourself eating barely-trash Timbits from the cafeteria garbage can? Did you get your period in any memorable way? We want to know about it. We know that there are times in your life when you look at yourself and you can barely believe the shameful person looking back at you—but don’t worry! There’s absolutely absolution in sharing. Get it off your chest. Send us your most cringe-worthy confessions at, and spread the shame.

So, my parents went out of town the last weekend before school started, which meant that I got the house to myself. I was super excited because with the house to myself I could have my boyfriend Jason stay over—this would be the first time my parents went away since my brother moved out.

The weekend went just as I imagined: walks to the beach, cooking dinner together, and watching movies in bed.

But on Sunday night while we were in the middle of, you know… enjoying our alone time, the dogs started barking and getting excited. I told Jason to ignore their whining, but he decided to go check what they wanted. Unfortunately for him the dogs were just greeting my parents, who had returned home early.

I’d told my parents so many great things about Jason, but I never expected the first time they met him that they would get to see all of those great things! We are still together, but since the run-in at my parents he just honks from the driveway when he picks me up.

—Claire, 20, Burnaby