Did you know: Douglas College learning centre

NEWS_NYK Learning Centre

By Angela Espinoza, News Editor

“Did you know?” informs Douglas students about college services. If you’re part of a campus organization for students and want to raise awareness, email us at news@theotherpress.ca

Students often turn to outside sources such as tutoring or other forms of mentorship when struggling with a specific course. Douglas College offers those services at the learning centres located at both the New Westminster and Coquitlam campuses.

Services coordinator Reija Roberts revealed a number of ways the Douglas learning centres offer help to students.

“Students can book up to two 25-minute appointments per week,” said Roberts. “These are one-time appointments that the student can book themselves using our online booking system. These appointments are ideal if students need help with a specific assignment or help preparing for an exam.”

As for weekly appointments, Roberts explained that requesting the same peer tutor is possible throughout the respective term, “for 50-minute weekly appointments, continuing through the last day of classes.

“To obtain a weekly appointment, students must fill out the request for weekly tutoring form, located on our website.”

Tutors regarding online paper reviews and computer skills are also available:

“Students can submit their papers to our peer writing tutors for feedback via an online form; they can expect a response back within 48 hours.

“Computer skills tutors can answer questions about MS Office, Blackboard, MyDouglas, email, and other software necessary for coursework. We also have a computer skills desk located in the library, just outside the library classroom. The computer skills desk is open Monday to Friday from 10:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.”

The learning centre also offers a number of “handouts, videos, tutorials, and web links” that are available to students regarding English, math, and science skills, among others.

Peer tutors are available for most major program subjects at the college, ranging from accounting to communications to psychology.

“Availability of tutors fluctuates during the course of a semester. This is why students should keep checking the online booking system. We also use our Twitter account to communicate available appointments day-to-day.”

Interested students can also apply to become tutors at the college, and can do so through the learning centre’s online application form.

“Our tutors are paid and trained, and paid to train! They each receive accreditation from the College Reading and Learning Association during their time with us. Our hiring needs vary every semester.”

The learning centre is located at the New West campus in room 2105, and at the David Lam campus in room A1040. Hours are located on the learning centre website. Both are closed on Sundays and the David Lam centre is also closed on Saturdays.

“The only difference between the two is that only our New West centre has computer skills tutors and the computer skills desk.”