Douglas organization seeks to raise awareness of homeless women’s health issues

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Image via Thinkstock

Periods on the Street devoted to menstrual causes

By Cazzy Lewchuk, Staff Writer

A new Douglas charitable organization, Periods on the Street, seeks to raise awareness and donations for feminine hygiene in the homeless population.

Inspired after a gender studies course, several students got together for this charitable cause to help out with an important issue that many do not consider. The ultimate goal of the organization is to raise awareness for women’s health issues, and to raise funds to purchase feminine hygiene products such as tampons for homeless women.

While many health products are distributed for free to both homeless and non-homeless populations, such as condoms, feminine-specific products are often forgotten. According to Amanda Proctor, a member of the group, their ultimate goal is to expand beyond the college and make these products as freely available as possible.

“If condoms are free, why not tampons?” asked Proctor.

So far, fundraising for Periods on the Street has raised over $250 via a bake sale. To donate or find out more about the cause, tweet @periodsonthestreet or get in touch with the founder, Fariba Davoody at