Everything is awesome in latest Lego creation

‘The Lego Movie’ delivers unique animation, plot

By Cazzy Lewchuk, Staff Writer


Just as the catchy theme song of The Lego Movie goes, “Everything is awesome!” this is a fine description for the entire film. It’s all awesome, from the original animation to the captivating plot.

Set inside the many worlds of Lego—from the Wild West to Gotham City—The Lego Movie takes you on an adventure that’s surprisingly charming and original. It features an all-star voice cast, many laugh-out-loud gags, and a charming aura that will delight everybody.

The movie follows the adventures of Emmett (voiced by Chris Pratt), an extremely ordinary Lego man, who goes after an artifact that may revolutionize the world of Lego forever. With a diverse cast behind him, Emmett sets out to save the entire Lego world.

By no means is The Lego Movie for children only—my theatre was packed with people in their 20s, perhaps reliving childhood nostalgia. And that’s exactly what the movie does best: it truly sucks you into the Lego world and makes you imagine the childlike wonder of the world’s most popular toy set. Very few films are truly “fun for the whole family,” but this one may actually have succeeded. You’ll laugh, you’ll cheer, and you might even cry. Your imagination will come alive and get truly drawn into the world of Lego.

At times the film will seem a bit farfetched or unbelievable even considering its fantastic plot, but the distraction is minor, and one doesn’t have to look closely at the plot to be captivated by this story. The original and detailed unique animation alone is reason enough to see this movie. The voice work is great too, featuring Will Arnett as Batman, Channing Tatum as Superman, and Jonah Hill as the Green Lantern.

When the credits finish rolling and the lights come on, you may be surprised to realize you’re not actually 10 years old anymore.