Forever 21 clothing bears shocking subliminal messages

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Company in trouble after hidden messages found in clothing

By Jessica Berget, Staff Writer

Anyone who has ever shopped in a Forever 21 before knows the odd sinking feeling of thinking you have found something cute, only to pick it up and find it covered in miscellaneous patches or words. But what if these patches are not as miscellaneous as they seem?

The popular clothing company, Forever 21, has been under fire recently as their clothing has been called out for bearing cryptic subliminal messages in the form of seemingly random words, phrases, and illustrations.

It appears that the nonsensical gibberish and random images that covers most of the store’s clothing is not nonsensical gibberish at all. Each random phrase and image found on Forever 21’s t-shirts and jackets are a symbol for something much deeper and more complex.

According to hieroglyphics expert Tom Stone, these arbitrary patches and illustrations found on almost 90 per cent of the store’s clothing contain secret messages concerning extra-terrestrial life.

“Images such as the alien heads and spaceships are not unlike the ones found in ancient pyramids long ago,” Dr. Stone said. “It appears that Forever 21 is warning their customers that aliens may be coming in contact with Earth very soon, or that the government has intelligence on alien life that they’re not sharing with the public. Either way, it definitely has something to do with aliens. The government is so secretive about this that the only way to notify people is to sew these patches onto the clothes of teenagers, which is exactly what the people at Forever 21 are doing.”

Aliens aren’t all that the clothing company has produced subliminal messages about. This is only the tip of the iceberg, according to Stone. Looking closer, it appears that every patch and random phrase has a shocking symbolic meaning. Their clothing may also be encouraging young teens to have sex.

“Patches of flamingos, pineapples, and butterflies shown on one particular jacket was especially troubling to see. Flamingos are a symbol of confidence and sexuality, butterflies represent growth and fertility, and pineapples are no doubt a symbol of oral sex,” claimed Stone. “It’s not hard to figure out what this jacket is telling teens to do.”

Aliens and sex; how much more controversial could Forever 21’s clothes be? Linguistics professor Walter Bottel attests to the fact that subliminal messaging is being used in the company’s clothing, and offers his own supernatural interpretation.

“Shirts that bear simple words and phrases like ‘off limits’ or ‘star baby’ have some sexy yet extraterrestrial undertones,” Bottel claimed. “Being ‘off limits’ has been historically interpreted as being sexually or romantically unavailable, but it could also be hinting at the secretive nature of Area 51 and the government’s history of harbouring alien life forms and intelligence there. ‘Star baby’ also sounds like a cute, nonsensical word, but unpacking the word literally translates to baby of the stars, or, in simpler terms, alien baby. By connecting the alien imagery and the images of pineapples and flamingos, it could even be deducted that aliens may have taken some role in human reproduction, or vice-versa, or that Forever 21 is subliminally telling teens to get that alien dick.”

All this evidence points to the fact that Forever 21 is attempting to expose the government’s lies about alien life, and may even be trying to establish some sort of new world order. But we can only speculate for now about what this all means, and eventually, time will tell.