Get your filthy stinking sunlight away from me

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Why I hate the outdoors

By Cazzy Lewchuk, Staff Writer

Summer is here, and the sun is shining brighter than ever. As the sun beats down upon our faces, the ultraviolet rays cause us to develop sunburns, sweat profusely, and complain about the weather. I’m definitely one of these heat-hating people. I don’t care how “nice” the weather is, I don’t like the beating sun, and I don’t like having to spend more time outdoors than necessary.

Sure, playing outside is fun for an hour or so. You can soak up some rays, drink a Coke (because beer is still illegal) on the beach, and throw a frisbee around. But pretty soon the drinks are empty, you’re sweating profusely, your skin is charred, and you’re asking for the sweet relief of losing consciousness.

It’s hot out—much too hot out—and it’s just not something we’re used to. Spring is a good time, when the sun is shining and the temperature is still reasonable. You can do all of your summer activities then, without all the terrible things summer brings.

There are so many alternatives to going outdoors. Spending time indoors surrounded by air conditioning, cold drinks, and Netflix is still enjoyable, without the heat getting the best of you. There’s social pressure to go outside and spend time outdoors for no real reason except to enjoy the weather, but some of us don’t like what it offers.

Besides the heat, outdoor activities may exacerbate allergies, lead to overexertion and dehydration, or bring us into contact with crowds of people. Avoid those situations by heading indoors this summer; you might find it to be a more enjoyable experience than whatever was out there. You can see a movie in an air-conditioned theatre, enjoy a beer in an air-conditioned pub, or simply not leave any of the comforts found in your air-conditioned home.

It seems to be getting hotter every year, and it’s hard to plan for activities even after checking the forecast to avoid the heat wave. Perhaps many of us are used to the scorching temperatures, especially if we’re originally from an area that gets this type of weather. But in BC, this type of heat only occurs a few months of the year. I prefer the cooler months, when you can go outside and the sun is still shining, but your shirt isn’t molecularly bonding with your body.