Halloween pub night thrives under new 19+ restrictions

Image from Douglas Students’ Union.

Students’ Union October pub night scares up a crowd

By Dylan Hackett, News Editor

Last Thursday, Douglas College students got an early start to the Halloween weekend with the Douglas Students’ Union building at the New Westminster campus being packed with hordes of costumed partyers. The first pub night that was designated 19+ proved to be a success with a great turnout that came close to reaching the 250-person capacity limit.

“The biggest difference between the Halloween pub night and our Super Hero pub night would have to be the fact that the Halloween pub night was 19+. This was a change we had to make because of our liquor licence. As a worker, I noticed making it 19+ changed the atmosphere and I personally had more fun working it. We have had a lot of positive feedback from people who attended saying that our Halloween pub night was the best one yet, and as an organiser there is nothing better to hear,” said Jill Griffin, External Relations Coordinator.

Most students in attendance chose to dress up for the occasion, with D.r Seuss characters, Han Solo, and a rubber overall-wearing fisherman as a few stand out costumes of the evening.

“I don’t know who had the best costume; there were so many good ones. I remember seeing pickles, Adam and Eve, Thor, I think the Reno 911 cops graced us with their presence, but my favourite was the Bender costume,” said Griffin. “The amount of effort that some people put into their costumes is just so awesome.”

The night ran smoothly, with only one fight being quickly broken up by security and a friendly drop-in by the cops to make sure the liquor licence was being respected.

“There is actually a lot of work that goes into organizing a pub night—from coming up with a theme people will get excited about and getting the word out, to applying for a liquor licence, booking security, and making sure our lounge is all cleaned up and ready for use again Friday morning,” explained Griffin.

For students that missed the party, the next one is only a month away, as Griffin confirms.

“We will definitely be holding one in November. It’s not finalized yet but we will be sure to let everyone know as soon as it is!”