Jojoba oil Review

Photo by Analyn Cuarto
Photo by Analyn Cuarto

The miracle missing from your skincare routine

By Anonymous Contributor

I recently bought a bottle of jojoba oil from the supermarket for a DIY “Spa Day” with my boyfriend, expecting it to moisturize my skin after the use of various clay masks and exfoliants, which can strip the skin of its natural oils and dry it out. What I didn’t expect were the almost miracle-like effects this oil would have.

I should start by noting that jojoba oil isn’t technically an oil, but rather a wax with an unusually low melting point. This allows it to maintain its liquid form at room temperature, which gives it a nice smooth texture without the greasy feel of other oils, such as coconut or olive. My skin type is dry-combination, meaning that my skin tends to be on the drier side, but may get oily or shiny throughout the day. Upon using the jojoba oil for the first time, my skin felt soft, smooth and moisturized, yet thankfully not too greasy. After that first day, I liked the feeling of the oil so much that I’ve continued to use it over the past few weeks. Since I started using it, I can narrow its positive effects down to three specific differences; I have less texture, my makeup goes on smoother and lasts longer, and the moisture levels of my skin are more balanced.

The reduction in my skin texture is the most surprising and rewarding development so far in my jojoba journey. While I have fortunately never experienced severe acne aside from the odd breakout, since I was about thirteen there has always been some subtle topography on my forehead. Since this texture has resided on my face for so long, I became resigned to its permanent existence. However, within four or five days of using the jojoba oil on my face consistently morning and night, I had noticed a drastic reduction in those little bumps on my face I thought would never disappear, leaving me with plumper, smoother skin. Because of this reduction in skin texture, I have noticed that my makeup application looks better. Those who wear makeup regularly—specifically cream products like foundations, concealers, etc.—have probably noticed that these products can sometimes bring out skin texture. When I use the jojoba oil in the morning before putting on my makeup, I notice that cream products become more emollient and adhere to the skin better, allowing for a smoother application, less danger of the dreaded “cakey” appearance, and for my look to last longer.

One of the reasons that my makeup can last longer with the jojoba oil because it balances out the moisture levels in my skin. While many people have used natural oils on the skin since biblical times, I had never thought to use them for fear that applying oil would make me look greasy, clog my pores, and cause breakouts. What differentiates jojoba oil from other “miracle oils” (I’m looking at you, coconut), is that it is the closest to the natural sebum produced by one’s own skin.

While applying another layer of oily-like substance onto the skin may seem counter-productive, it is important to note that oiliness is caused by an overproduction of sebum by the skin due to ineffective moisturizing. This is why my dry skin gets oily throughout the day. On days that I moisturize with the jojoba oil, my skin tends to adapt better, and halts the overproduction of its own oils, allowing me to maintain a glowing, yet not “glazed-donut” appearance.

The bottle I bought was only fifteen dollars, and the positive effects far outweigh the price, so I would highly recommend giving jojoba oil a try as a safe, natural, and inexpensive addition to one’s skincare routine!