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A new law banning left-lane coasting on major highways

By Brittney MacDonald, Life & Style Editor

New laws prohibiting drivers from coasting in the lefthand lane are now in effect.

This new law will only affect multi-lane highways with a speed limit of 80 kilometres an hour or above, such as Highway 1. This law will not affect city or suburban roads.

Anyone found in the lefthand lane who is not turning, passing, or clearing the way for an emergency vehicle, such as an ambulance or fire truck, will risk a ticket carrying a hefty fine of $167, as well as three points on their licence. For N drivers, that will mean a temporary suspension of their licence—usually three months, dependant on their driving record—and a reset of their probation period if they do not dispute it or if they are found guilty. For those who have their full licence, receiving over three points within a year will result in a penalty point premium, which means they will have to pay ICBC more money. Points can be accumulated through any number of driving offences, such as speeding, broken tail lights, or driving too close to another vehicle.

The new law will fall under the “Failure to Yield” provisions within the Motor Vehicle Act, of which there are now 17. Transportation Minister Todd Stone told Global News, “There’s a whole wide array of driver requirements in the Motor Vehicle Act that drivers must stay on top of and be aware of. Obviously, when we introduce new laws like this one, we always make sure they are accompanied with as much education and awareness as possible and so we’ll be focussing on that with our safety stakeholders.”

Stone’s comments made it clear that law enforcement hopes this crackdown will help improve the driving experience for everyone.