Listed: 10 awesome things about Adult Halloween


By Sophie Isbister, Life & Style Editor

I was never a huge Halloween fan as a kid. A born procrastinator born to procrastinators, I would have lofty ideas for a costume but no good follow-through, causing me to spend the spooky October holiday alternating between a witch and a princess. Every year. And growing up in rainy Vancouver meant that I often even had to cover up the cutest costume with a big waterproof jacket. So it makes sense that Halloween wasn’t my favourite. Until I grew up and experienced Adult Halloween. Here are the best things about it:

1. Alcohol.

2. Truly scary costumes.

3. Truly sexy costumes.

4. Coat check (so you can show off those sexy costumes).

5. All the dark, spooky, scary party music I never liked as a kid.

6. Handing out candies and appreciating the costuming genius of kids who aren’t terrible procrastinators.

7. Hedonism.

8. Realizing that you can just buy candy at the store and don’t need to go begging door-to-door for it like some kind of rail-riding hobo.

9. Realizing that you can buy discounted candy at the store on November 1.

10. Realizing that you don’t even like candy, costumes, dubstep, or coat check, and just staying home. Ahhh, adulthood.