Lucasfilm finally makes the move into Disney

Image from Walt Disney Company website

They were always the cutest couple

By Angela Espinoza, Arts Editor

Last week it was announced that Disney had officially bought Lucasfilm for an apparent sum of $4.05 billion. The only thing that shocked me about this news though is how people have been reacting to it.

I have to wonder if people were just unaware of Disney’s hand in each of the Lucasfilm franchises up to this point. While they may not have always been a direct part of the filmmaking, they were definitely part of the marketing afterwards. Basically, one would’ve needed to be under a rock to not realize how close the Walt Disney Company was with George Lucas.

For another fact, Lucas got everything we wanted out of Star Wars as far as this bystander is concerned. Yes, the franchise was his baby, his everything for a point of his life. But much like the shitty parents of Toddlers & Tiaras, Lucas decided that baby was nothing unless it was his idea of perfection. The films have been mercilessly tampered with as technology has gotten better, and at this point, there’s not much left he could do to them.

Obviously there have been other projects made under the Lucasfilm Limited company, but seeing as Disney’s first bit of movie development news has involved Star Wars, that’s what everyone seems to be messing their pants over.

I like the Star Wars movies as much as the next guy, that is to say a lot, but I also don’t care it’s being rebooted. I’m glad it’s being rebooted; done right—think of all the awesome things they could do with that galaxy far, far away!

I’m assuming the negative reaction has largely been caused by a feeling of betrayal. Betrayal by the man who made, to drop an obvious reference, Han shoot first? Really? Come on guys, you’re better than that.

If anything, I’m intrigued to see if Disney takes advantage of the other films it now owns from this purchase, which include Willow (1988), The Land Before Time (1988), and maybe most interesting of all, Labyrinth (1986).

Am I excited one of the largest, stereotypically evil businesses in the world now owns a little more of, well, the world? Hell no, but, look at all the good that came out of Disney getting a hold of Pixar. I don’t think the Star Wars franchise is anymore doomed than what Lucas himself inflicted on the series, which is maybe why I’m so indifferent to the issue; it literally cannot get any worse.

That said, I am still curious to see where this all goes. If nothing else, much like what happened with Disney and The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993), I would be down for a little more Land Before Time and Labyrinth merch in the world, that’s for damn sure.