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Photo via Joel McCarthy
Photo via Joel McCarthy

‘Average Dicks’ web series review

By Alex Stanton, Staff Writer

If there’s one thing the Internet has irrevocably altered for the foreseeable future, it would be the way entertainment content is delivered. Whether you’re streaming shows on Netflix or viewing videos on YouTube, technology has changed the way we have our entertainment delivered to us.

Average Dicks is a web series that features a duo of stone-headed, suburban, white 20-somethings named Mike (played by series’ co-creator Mike Doaga) and Joel (Bruce Novakowski). In the first episode of the series, they get the idea to enter the lucrative business of becoming YouTube rappers from the inappropriate Pastor Cody (played by series’ co-creator Joel Ashton McCarthy). The scene absolutely nails and establishes the tone, humour, and sensibility of the series as a whole. I’m looking forward to more creator cameo appearances from the frozen yogurt-loving pastor. Blue comedy isn’t for everyone, but, as a presence, McCarthy’s character is more than welcome in my eyes.

One thing that worked to the benefit of this very adult, buddy comedy is the deconstruction of stereotypes. By the end of episode two, there are two characters who are openly gay, one of whom is a roommate of the protagonists, and neither of them is token or even slightly stereotypical. They’re just funny characters, regardless of their orientation. It’s impressive enough to be worth mentioning.

I’m going to err heavily on the side of recommending this series.