Now Trending: Move over selfies and belfies

The ‘elfie’ or ‘elbow selfie’ is the latest in self-absorption

It may soon be “power off” for Insta-sensations like Jen Selter (the Instagram star who made the “belfie”—aka the butt selfie—a Vanity Affair), as a new movement in the whole “taking pictures of yourself” craze is making big waves on our touchscreens: the “elfie.”

The elbow selfie, or “elfie,” is, by definition, what happens when someone takes a photo of their own elbow and posts it online.

“The great thing about the elfie is that it’s just so now,” explained elfie star, Sarah Jones. “People can stand at weird angles to make their butt look good, but a beautiful elbow is a beautiful elbow—from any angle.”

Indeed, supporters of the elfie movement are praising the trend for its raw, real, realness.

“Nothing is more beautiful to me than a woman that isn’t afraid to show off her elbow—sans Photoshop… if you know what I mean,” said Joe Franco, an avid supporter of the trend.